B612 App – The Best Photography App

People today click pictures almost on a daily basis. Wherever they go, they click pictures to preserve memories and to of course share them on the social media. People may at times find the pictures to not be very good or they may be good generally but their face may not be looking good. To help resolve this issue, there are various beautifying apps that have come up recently. One such app that is of particular significance is the B612 app.

What is B612 app?

B612 is a photo editing app that has been specifically developed for the purpose of beautifying people in self-portraits through the means of various filters that can be applied to any picture of the users’ choice to help improve them. The app can help change the skin tone of a person as well as apply various other beautifying elements to help make them look better.

Why was this app needed?

Such an app was needed for a very long time due to the fact that people often find themselves to be not looking good in many pictures of theirs due to various reasons. This would make their pictures unworthy of being uploaded on the various social media sites. This app helps tweak the various elements of a picture to make it look much better and worthy of being uploaded on social media. People want to look good everywhere, and that includes the internet as well, and this app helps people do just that.

What are the features of this app?

The app has a long feature list which consists of the following –

  • Selfie timer

It helps one adjust themselves while taking a selfie by setting a time.

  • Collage Frame

It offers one the ability to create collages as it has many built-in collage frames.

  • Touch Mode

This mode allows one to click pictures through this app by tapping anywhere on the screen and not necessarily on the shutter button, thereby preventing any accidental shakes which would spoil the picture.

  • Brightness Level Adjustment –

This offers one the ability to adjust the brightness level of the picture

  • Selfie Dimensions –

One may at times want to click pictures in a different dimension and the app offers users the ability to do just that through the different dimension modes available

  • Background Decoration –

One can also put a decoration in the background of any picture and make them look cool.

  • Funny Masks –

The app also features various funny masks that can help one make people laugh and at the same time show them your humorous side.

  • Filters –

With the many filters available in this app, one can truly make a completely unique picture of themselves. These filters can be putboth in real time, i.e. while clicking the picture and after having clicked it and applying them to the saved pictures.

The above-mentioned features make b612 app a truly great photography app that has all the components that make a photography app a really good one.