Are you visiting Malaga First Time? Read our 5 Tips to Save time and Money

Malaga is a great destination for tourists in Spain but it is a costly city. To get by all the costs in the city and still save a lot of time and money is what this article is all about. The best practices that will save you a lot of money and make your tour fit into your budget. To learn more about Malaga city, you can text before

  1. Save on accommodation

Do not doubt the fact that accommodation is quite expensive in Malaga. This is due to the fat that the city is a hub for tourists. Hotel owners are aware of the fact that tourists flock into the country with their hard earned cash to spend, they want to make a buck or 2 more than usual and so the prices of hotel rooms spike.

The Spanish government is not a fan of Airbnb and as such, you may not be able to find those low budget houses there in Malaga. The hotel owners are aware of this and are not happy, but  the Spanish government in turn generates some amount of income from the fact that rich tourist will be in the city to buy real estate.

The only easy way to get in to Malaga and get quite a decent accommodation at a cheap rate is to plan your visit in the low season. The low season is the time when tourists are few in the city of Malaga. Although the prices then will not be rock bottom prices, but at least, it will be cheaper than what you will get during the summer and holiday season.

  •  Save money on food

You should learn to eat without breaking your bank in Malaga. Spain is a home to different kinds of delicious food and you as a tourist shouldn’t be left out of all the tasty bites around you. One of the easiest ways to save on food is to eat like the locals, small breakfast and a heavy lunch.

In Malaga, and all of Spain in general, lunch is always cheaper while breakfast and dinner costs a fortune. So if you are on a vacation and you are to eat once a day, don’t forget to eat the lunch and save some extra money. By 7pm, most restaurants are filled up already because people are retiring to their beds very soon and as such want to fill their bellies. If you were to eat at this time, you will pay more but in the afternoon, restaurants tend to get fewer customers and so lower the cost of food.

  • Visit museums

Spain offers culture and art in large quantity and as such you should not be left out of the sightseeing in Malaga. Most museums in Malaga offer discount to students and senior citizens and some museums are even free on some certain days of the week. Though the museums will be very busy on the free days because everybody loves free stuffs, you can always pick another day and make your way to the free museum. Checkout the Malaga Tourist attractions map to see more attraction sites that you can visit in Malaga.

  • Use public transport

It’s a good thing to travel like the locals. If you make use of taxis, you will spend a lot of money travelling around the city of Malaga. Public transport is cheap, helps you relax and even avail you the opportunity to see much of the city with eyes of the locals. Get a care to hire at  a cheap price if you have over-packed.

  • Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

Hop-on hop-off bus in Malaga kick starts at Renfe Viala on the red line. The bus tour covers 14 major stops all through the city with a lot of places to hop-off and enjoy the tour round the city. There are several plazas and walkways all around the city which will give tourists the opportunity to hop-off and take a walk around and even have a feel of the culture and history of the city. The bus will also get to the main city stadium, home to the Malaga CF, a great football club in the Spanish league. Some of the attraction sites the bus will stop by include:

Boat tour

Walking tour

Jaleo Flamenco Show

Entrance to Casa y Fundación Picasso

Entrance to Museo de la Musíca

Entrance to Museo Alborania de Aula del Mar

Entrance to Museo Carmen Thyssen

Entrance to Museo Revello de Toro

Entrance to Museo Málaga C.F.

Entrance to Museo Picasso

Entrance To Museo del Automóvil

Entrance to Cuevas del Tesoro

VRFUN virtual reality experience (5 minutes)

 text before Malaga bus tours comparison to learn more about each type of bus, prices and even hours of work.