Are Airpods Worth It? a Full Review of Apple’s Gem

Are you thinking about buying AirPods? If so, then you’re not alone. Many people all over the world are anxious to get their hands on a pair of these tiny, white air buds. 

Like most Apple products, though, they cost a pretty penny. This leaves many potential buyers wondering “Are AirPods worth it?”

If this is you, then don’t worry! We’ll go into all the pros and cons of owning a pair of these trendy headphones. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know whether or not you want to drop money on them.

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The Good

There’s a lot of good things to say about AirPods. They’re a top-selling pair of headphones for a reason.

Perhaps the most prominent reason people purchase the pods, though, is the ease with which they connect to other Apple devices. In true Apple style, the company has made something that suits its long-time users and their many devices perfectly.

If you’re an Apple person, just a few clicks on any of your iOS devices will have you listening in no time. You can even check the battery life of your AirPods by opening the case and holding it next to your iPhone.

And they not only pair with your devices; they interact with them. Want to search the web or play your favorite song while your hands are covered in dish soap? Just say “Hey, Siri” and your favorite in-device personal assistant will get right on it!

Many consumers also love how natural the buds feel in their ears. Each bud is shaped to gently hug the outer portions of your ear canal and sit just above your earlobe. They are light as air, and after a moment, you won’t even remember you’re wearing them!

They also automatically pause whatever you’re listening to if they fall out. This helps you avoid your private listening being broadcast to everyone within earshot. It will also help you keep your place if you have to take them out to listen to someone else.

They also don’t fall out nearly as much as you might think they would. Many owners use them when they’re running or cleaning their houses with little to no problem.

The So-So

All that being said, AirPods are not for you if you love tuning out all other sounds in the world. 

This is, of course, a matter of personal preference (which is why it’s in the “so-so” category instead of the “bad” category). Some people don’t mind at all.

If you primarily use them while doing housework and keeping a half-eye on your children, you might appreciate the ability to still hear and process your surroundings. 

If you prefer to sit down with a good book and drown out the world, however, you might be in for a bit of a disappointment. AirPods are tiny and don’t do well at blocking out everything around you.

So if you’re in the middle of a coffee shop that has a live band going, you’re still going to be listening to the band, AirPods or not.

The Bad

So, what are the bad parts about owning AirPods?

The answer to that differs from consumer to consumer, but we’ll do our best to explain everything here.

First of all, AirPods are small and white. That makes them very sleek-looking and discreet, which is perfect if you’re trying to look professional on the job.

However, if you’re someone who often loses small objects, they might not be for you. They’re very easy to just take out of your ears and leave somewhere. And if they fall out? Good luck locating them if you don’t know exactly where they went.

Luckily, Apple foresaw this and created an Airpod-finding feature. If you lose your AirPods, all you have to do is go to the “Find iPhone” section on your iPhone and select “AirPods.” The phone will locate them for you.

This only works, though, if your AirPods are charged and out of their case. If they’re in the case, or if they’re dead, you may have lost them for good. 

The case can be easy to misplace as well. Even though it’s bigger than the AirPods, it’s still pretty small and can fall to the bottom of bags or underneath furniture. If you lose it, there’s no other way to charge your AirPods. 

Over time, people also sometimes have problems with their AirPods not connecting to their devices.

The Misrepresented

Some consumers have complained that the Airpod’s proclaimed 5-hour battery life isn’t exactly true. While AirPods that work well don’t die right away, they also don’t have the longest battery life on the market.

Also, the “wireless charging” isn’t truly wireless. If your case is dead, you will need a USB cord to charge it before you can charge your AirPods.

So, Are AirPods Worth It?

The answer to this question depends largely on you, the consumer.

AirPods have numerous good qualities, and many people who purchase them seem satisfied. They are a perfectly adequate choice if you’re looking for new earbuds. 

And yet, they are far from the best headphones on the market. Just how much you can tolerate their shortcomings depends on what you expect and prefer when buying a new listening device.

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So, what do you think? Are AirPods worth it?

If you’re interested in AirPods, there’s a good chance you love having all the newest coolest technology. But do you know how to truly get the most out of your devices? Do you have questions about how to use them, or which new ones are the best to buy?

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