Anniversary quotes collection to celebrate your big day

Every year many special event and memories a person celebrate to recall their special day. We would love to shower you with several anniversary quotes to express your wish or blessing to others. This day plays an integral role in their life as they can remind all precious and nostalgic periods. Moreover, a person shares his all feelings emotions or memories with others by celebrating the anniversary.

We celebrate our anniversary in different way wedding anniversary or birthday anniversary. You can use these collection of anniversary quotes to tell your partner how much you love your better half. Birthday anniversary quotes convey the beautiful message to your closed one which you cannot express by simple words.

Anniversary quotes are for a charming couple on an anniversary.

Today is our anniversary and wish you a happy anniversary. I hope you enjoy greatly on your special day.

On our anniversary I want to tell you an important thing in my life when I am with you I always smile or never regret my decision.

Everyone says after a few years of marriage, life becomes tedious; however in my case, my life becomes more beautiful as the year passes. Happy anniversary dear.

I do not know the meaning of love though when I saw you I know my answer. Happy marriage anniversary dear.

Anniversary quotes show your wife value in your life.

Happy anniversary to mom dad the most stunning couple in this world. You both set an example of the passionate couple ever.

Dear parents, you are our role model. You teach us the importance of love or marriage in everyone life. We wish you the happy anniversary mom or dad.

Happy 25th marriage anniversary my dear mom or dad who fight or love a lot. I hope you continue your sweet fight forever.

Dear mom and dad, Since the day I was born I learned several things from you. You taught me to assist each other at the wrong time.

Anniversary quotes to feel someone fabulous on their special day.

You are my life. The day you were born was the luckiest day for everyone. I wish you happy birthday anniversary. Enjoy your day.

Today is the perfect day to show my love to my grandmother as today her birth anniversary, and she gives me a wonderful life. I wish you a great birthday anniversary.

The more she is getting old, the more she looks beautiful.

I am happy that today is your birth anniversary as time flies every hour or second enjoy your each second of life with great pleasure.

Anniversary quotes add some fun in the couple life.

Happy anniversary dear. Today is the day when we both decide to fight or argue forever.

In the marriage bond, it is tough as the wife is always right or husband is considered a husband. Happy marriage anniversary dear.

My dear husband today I decide that I have to use the other person credit card for my entire life shopping — happy sweet marriage anniversary.


I hope you read all the anniversary quotes. These quotes are the message to your partner or parents that you value your relationship. You can send these anniversary quotes by writing on cards with a flower. You can share this on social media and express your feelings. We all are waiting for our anniversary and expect something different from our closed one.

By reading these anniversary quotes your partner feel happy or love you more. Every year these anniversary days are the package of happiness, inner joy and act as a token of love for the people that share gifts and anniversary quotes with each other.