An In-Depth Look at the Clear Advantages of Post & Rail Fencing for Your Rural Property

Finding the ideal fencing for your rural property can be quite challenging, whether you would like to have the proper fencing to separate your property’s boundary from another property or protect your cattle and keep them from wandering outside. But there is one type of fencing that has long been utilised; and post and rail fencing has proven to be one of the most effective types of fencing for rural properties in the UK for many years. They are still as popular today as when they were first produced, as their design is practical and useful, comprised of horizontal rails and perpendicular posts.

 But what are the benefits of such fencing for your property? Here’s an in-depth look at the clear advantages of post & rail fencing for your rural property and what you should know.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

Unlike other fencing solutions that may detract from your property’s appeal and overall look, post and rail fencing has inherent aesthetic appeal. It can look great on both wide and narrow rural properties and terrains that slope or are flat, as confirmed by experienced fencing contractors like RTC Fencing. With post & rail fencing, you are given an open and clear view of your property, and your visitors will be able to see your area’s beauty as the fence doesn’t detract from the view. Other fencing solutions can obstruct your view, but with post & rail fencing, you can benefit from the proper delineation of your property without destroying your property’s look. Post & rail fencing doesn’t just add aesthetic appeal, either – it is also solid and durable as it easily blends in with your property’s design. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

Another excellent reason why post & rail fencing is a great choice is its cost-effectiveness. The price of your post & rail fence can vary depending on the material you select and the post’s design, but when you compare the price of post and rail fences to other fencing solutions, it is friendlier on the budget. If you want something more economical, you can choose to have wooden posts and rails, which can additionally be creosoted or tanalised for better durability.

  • Durability

All of those who have already installed post and rail fencing can attest to the fence’s durability. And why not? It gives you the best value for your money and can be one of the best investments you can make for your property. You don’t have to change or replace it every so often, and it is naturally sturdy, so you can use it either for keeping your cattle and livestock inside or for security.

  • Easy to install

Post & rail fencing is easy to install, and you can have it erected and set up as quickly as possible because the installation of the fence involves just fitting various pegs into the holes. It doesn’t take much time to have it set up, and if you ever have to uninstall it, you can do it easily as well. If you want to mount it permanently, all your contractor has to do is drive the poles more deeply into the ground. You can also choose from different types of post and rail fencing, including heavy, morticed, and nailed, depending on your specific preferences and needs.