All the Facts About the Life of Werner Boehm

  • Who was Werner Boehm?

MrWerner Boehmwas the former Chief Executive Officer of the cryptocurrency based corporation named BitRush, known exclusively for its utility in providing service for payment through blockchains. BitRush is known to trade at the Canada Securities exchange. Werner Boehm, through a clever, cunning, calculative move utilised and exploited his position of power to deceive and con the stakeholders involved. His very unlawful and deceitful actions inevitably lead to lawsuits being filed against him.

  • About the termination of Werner Boehm as the CEO

On the date of December 7 in the year 2016, the board of directors formulated a special committee to accelerate the investigation matters that lead to the declining rate of trade and other pertaining matters. The aforementioned committee was required to report the findings of the said investigation or revert it to the members of the very committee. The board went ahead to order the termination of the then Chief Executive Officer of the company, Werner Boehmand this order was put into immediate effect because of the unauthorised actions undertaken by him that lacked the board of executives’ approval leading to the damage of the reputation of the company. It was found that Werner Boehm had undertaken certain actions with an intent to deceive the stakeholders and shareholders, betraying the set in the process and the corporation of BitRush was compelled to file a law suit against the then Chief Executive Officer, Werner Boehm. 

  • The Professional Life of Dr Boehm

Mr W. Boehm had acquired a significant amount of experience in the industry of the FinTech. Mr Boehm pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree as well as his post-graduation degree (Master of Arts) in Vienna, in the field of business and marketing. Mr Boehm worked in Banks in information technology pertaining positions and spent some time working with IBM as well. He then went on to concentrate his focus on start ups by FinTech and then began his career in business development and managerial positions. Utilising the years of his acquired experience through the years, his characteristic abilities of leadership and his broad understanding of networking, capital markets, crypto technology, and knowledge of the inner workings of business, he worked up and influenced a group of individuals of calibre and came up with a team known under the name of BitRush. He used to be a keen enthusiast of blockchain technologies and endorsed it amongst his peers.

Mr Werner Boehm through his determination and hard work led the organisation called BitRush to become one of the organisations of paramount significance in blockchain. Werner’s work remains unparalleled in his respective avenue. His work as a leader and the Chief Executive Officer in BitRush turned out to be an inspiration for many during his reign and while he was engaged in unethical practices, it does not overshadow the fact that there was honest work involved that lead the organisation of BitRush to the zenith.