Adapt to Continue Expressing Yourself

Many elderly and those with a disability, or pretty much anyone who has difficulty wearing any type of clothing considers themselves a burden. That is understandable as people believe that wearing clothes by themselves is a normal and daily task that everyone can do. And yet, for them, it is already a big achievement.

The term “adaptive clothing” is still pretty new to people. Adaptive clothing refers to clothes that are designed specifically for those who have trouble dressing up by themselves. These clothes are modified to allow the carer or the individual themselves to slip on the garments and wear them with ease.

For example, rather than zippers and buttons for clothes and shoes, magnets or velcros replaced them. People sometimes think that these adaptive clothing are made for wheelchair-bound or those who have different types of disabilities. Although they are the typical target, others can benefit from them as well. This will also allow healthcare practitioners to swiftly assist their charges.

Some of the advantages adaptive clothing have are as follows:

  • Even though you are sitting on a wheelchair or lying down, dressing up is much more possible
  • This clothing makes way for easier dressing, less rolling around, lifting and repositioning, and thus, reduces the risk of injury for both the wearer and carer
  • Less awkward movement of the joints
  • Easier dressing and undressing
  •  Onesies, or the all-in-one dignity suits, allows for less risk of disrobing
  • There are side openings and open back trousers which makes it easier for dressing incontinence aids
  • The clothing is not affected by high temperatures and jarring washing machines
  • This clothing is ideal for loved ones with dexterity, loss or limited movement and incontinence issues

For many people, dressing up the way they want is considered an important part of expressing themselves, independence and dignity. Adaptive clothing still makes this possible for individuals as they are designed to help them convey who they are to the world. Just because they have trouble due to age, disability, or being cared for by health professionals, it does not mean that they have to be limited in what they want to wear.

Adaptive clothing is designed to be no different from standard clothing. The designs are equipped with discreet features. These include adaptations with back and side openings, and hooks and clasps. These garments are made for both stylish daywear and comfortable nightwear as well as footwear.

Clothing brands with these types of adaptive garments continue to improve and expand their brand by doing their research and implementation of the best clothes for their consumers.

Try looking around the web. There are many adaptive clothes online stores and you will find those that exceed your expectations for your loved ones.