Accommodation Facility in China for Indian Students Who Study MBBS from There

China is known to provide one of the best medical education destinations for Indian students. China beside, it also provides world-class accommodation facility for the candidates enrolling in medical universities in China for their graduation of post graduation studies. There are multiple types of accommodation facility for the students who took admission in medical universities in China.

Education Can Be Started at any Age

A person can start his or her education during any stage of their life. Age is not a bar for education of a person.

Living on Campus

Chinese medical university campus life is quite convenient and safe. Chinese students usually choose to live in dormitories of campus as they have affordable prices, safe surroundings, and complete facilities. The university, located in China provides dormitories for international students. Theses dormitories have single-room, double-room and three-room sets for students. The dormitories for students have facilities such as TV, internet access, toilet, telephone, furniture, and sometimes a kitchen. The Chinese universities provide heater facility to the students in winter, and it has reasonable fees. The price of the dormitories usually varies from 20 RMB to 100 RMB from university and type of dormitories. Additionally, a person can avail facilities such as laundries, dining, shopping, ATM and entertainment.

Living off Campus

Renting a House/Flat/Apartment

There are many universities that allow study mbbs in china for Indian students to live off-campus. Hence, a candidate needs to inform the university authorities before making arrangements. Some of the universities can have some strict regulation for accommodation for the safety of students on the campus. A candidate may need to go through some legal forms for getting permission to live off campus. Hence, some of the colleges or institutions don’t allow students to live off campus, especially in the condition of the first year, or the candidate is less than 18 years. A candidate can perfect and the ideal rental house by various methods such as finding on a renting website and columns of newspapers. The rents of the house and flats vary from location to location and the facility provided. Hence, a candidate should be wise because most of the ads are posted by the agents and they charge a fee for providing rented apartment.

Average Rent for Living in Off-Campus

  • One-bedroom Apartment – 800 to 2500 RMB per month
  • Two-bedroom Apartment – 1000 to 4500 RMB per month
  • Three-bedroom Apartment – 1500 to 8000 RMB per month


The fact is obvious that an international student will find some difficulty to survive in a new environment and it is not easy for them to find an ideal apartment. Homestays are offered to the international students enrolling in Chinese Universities. The Homestay option refers to living in a house with a local family in China while international student study, work and travel in China. This way helps international students to know more about the culture of China, Lifestyle about people and traditional customs.

The cost of living with the host family usually varies with the condition of the apartment and services as well as the type of Homestay a person chooses to avail of them. The average cost of for an international student to live in a Homestay with the local family of China is 50 to 150 RMB per day.


The above-mentioned information is based on the accommodation that’s offered to Indian students who study mbbs in china. A person can use this information to choose their desired type of accommodation.