6 Ways to Do a Digital Detox

David Copperfield once said, “Pleasurable behaviors are addictive.” How true the saying is when it comes to the digital realm that engulfs the world that we know today. It is indeed surprising how something that once revolutionized connectivity and accessibility through user-friendly platforms has robbed valuable time away from a majority of people.

Digital media necessitates when kept within bounds. Take a minute to ponder over the time that is spent scrolling unnecessarily in a world where comments, likes, and shares predominate.

Most often than not, the number of people suffering from depression and loneliness finds a root cause in social media. To every boon a bane, and without a healthy balance, there’s a good chance that the boon gets nullified.  

Here are six ways to perform a digital detox:

1. Spend quality time with your family

Make the most of your meal hours by spending quality time with your family. Most people tend to spend time on their phones even while having a meal. This eliminates the point of a meal which is to bring the whole family together.

2. Keep technology out of the bedroom

Make your bedroom completely free of any tech device usage. Such a conscious decision will help improve your sleep patterns and the overall quality of the relationship you spend with your spouse.

3. Limit social media usage

Sign off from social media accounts and turn off notifications when you enter your house. Staying signed into social media accounts is a temptation that most people fail to do away with. Also, notifications on digital platforms are the perfect gateway to wastage of time and value. Be wise to switch off from the digital noise as you enter your personal abode.

4. Deactivate/delete social media accounts

Go a step ahead and delete your social media accounts. Social media accounts are just an awareness of the reality people choose to show. The lack of a deep meaningful connection surpasses the need to attach value to these temporary facades. Instead, choose to make efforts to stay in touch with friends and family via meetings and gatherings. Engage with people on a personal level in order to make long-lasting connections that matter.

5. Invest time in spiritual and health-related recourse

Such endeavors are ways to not only be a healthier you but also a channel to get to know yourself better. It opens ways to be more efficient, mindful, compassionate and overall a healthier mental life-state. In the long run, the connection that you make with yourself is the stepping stone to creating connections with people that are deep and meaningful.

6. Take a step back from technology

Get back to reading on paper. Indulge in books, newspapers, magazines and the like. Turn off those notifications to mainstream unnecessary articles and blogs that are nothing but a means to capture attention offering very less in return.

Punkt is your one-stop shop for all things pertaining to digital detoxes. The aforementioned suggestions when applied to everyday life can bring about a tremendous change that will promote a more meaningful life for yourself and your loved ones.