Around the world, thrill seekers and active world travellers have all had their fill for the year of 2018. Having had 12 full-blown months of pre-planned vacation spots and activities to explore, you are bound to have gathered a few precious memories of your own throughout the year. However, with the close of the previous year comes a new chapter for the year 2019! To start your travelling appetites going, we look upon Dubai as the next stop for this New Year’s aspirations. Here are 5 awesome activities to be doing in Dubai for 2019:

1) Skydiving

  Have you mastered your inner fears of heights? Skydiving is purely for the most notorious adventure seekers and bravest of the bunch. Nevertheless, there is always a first time for everything. In Dubai, you can catch this exclusive opportunity to create mind-blowing memories of free-falling thousands of feet in the air with Skydive Dubai! Capture the moments of experiencing mind-blowing views of Palm Jumeirah apartments and Dubai Marina apartments while being suspended in the air! Offering different packages throughout the festive seasons, you can consider skydiving as the next activity on this year’s bucket list.

2) IMG Worlds of Adventure

How long has it been since the last time you shared some fun time with the family? In Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure provides plenty of entertainment options for the whole family to spend time together! Branded as the world’s largest indoor theme park, the area is divided into 5 different zones for your family’s play time: Cartoon Network, Marvel, Lost Valley-Dinosaur Adventure, IMG Boulevard and Novo Cinema. There’s plenty to be offered here in IMG Worlds of Adventure! You can get in touch with any of the Dubai’s real estate agencies to source any potential residential stays nearby, for your convenience.

3) Hot air balloon

 Another special activity unique to Dubai is enjoying a nice hot air balloon flight up in the clear blue skies! Watching the sun rise while floating with your loved ones is not an experience most can hope to enjoy. Take this opportunity to explore more diverse experiences that you’re sure to never forget.

4) Ferris wheel ride

   A new attraction in Dubai has now come in the form of the world’s largest Ferris wheel! Ain Dubai will soon be open for the public to enjoy scenic views of the surrounding clear waters of Dubai as well as its many landmark attractions! Located in Bluewaters Island, the area is bound to become a new tourist hub for local residents and visitors alike! Furthermore, there is a new exclusive residential area for your choice to enjoy a staycation at Bluewaters Residences by Meraas! With so many new attractions coming in around the area of Bluewaters Island, Dubai’s real estate agencies are bound to be busy the whole year long!

5) Camel riding

Unlike horse riding in other parts of the world, camel riding is exclusive only to Middle Eastern countries. Thus, it is highly recommended for you to experience this unique experience together with your loved ones! There are even different experience settings for you to explore ranging from camel racing to camel safaris. Upon visiting Dubai, it never hurts to visit these majestic creatures of the desert for a possible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Dubai has always been a city full of its cultural heritage and local traditions, before modernization of the city came into effect. Nevertheless, for those willing to persevere, you will find so many beautiful settings that may never be found anywhere else in the world except here in Dubai.