5 Things to do near Mumbai Airport

Stuck on a long layover at Mumbai Airport? Despite the lounges and shops at the airport we all know waiting at the airport for your next flight can be really frustrating.

If you’ve got 4-5 hours to kill, make the most of your time. Step out and explore the iconic Mumbai and get recharged at the best hotels near Mumbai airportbefore your next journey.

  • ISKON temple:

Wish for a quick escape from the chaos? Visit ISKCON Temple and bask in the peaceful atmosphere.

The temple built by the founder of the Hare Krishna Movement, the spotless white marble and the intricate carvings will definitely catch your attention. Find the peace of mind at the temple and munch over the delicious yet simple meal at the restaurant serving on the grounds of the temple.

Do you wish to hold on that peace a bit longer? Check into the nearest hotels in Mumbai and enjoy the best room service and rest the next of your layover.

  • Juhu beach

One of the pristine places to visit in Mumbai, Juhu beach is an iconic spot for both the tourists and the locals to spend their evenings. Watching the sunset while tasting ‘chatpatichaat’ simply makes your day. Take a walk along the beach or dip your toes in the water and feel the sand rushing below your feet. You’ll definitely feel stress-free and energized to take on your next journey.

  • Mahakali caves

Take a tour back in the time of the riches of Indian history and culture.These caves comprise a group of 19 small enchanting caves that trace back to the 1st century CE. The caves showcased the carvings on the walls that indicated the Buddhist origin. It is popularly said that some of these caves were used by Buddhist monks as residences.

  • Marine drive

Ah, the famous Marine Drive! The famous Marine Drive often seen in Bollywood movies is a 3 km long road along the seaside of South Mumbai, don’t miss the sunset here.

  • Gateway of India

While on the city tour one cannot miss one of the most distinguished monuments- The Gateway of India. Built-in 1924 as the harbor to the boats entering India, The Gateway of India has now become a popular tourist place in Mumbai.

Mumbai flaunts the city buzz and modern charms in many different ways. The city is full of life and youthful vibes. If you feel tired at any moment trying to match the city’s rush, you can always grab best Mumbai hotel deals and take the much-needed rest before you head to the Mumbai Airport and board your next flight.