5 Great Reasons To Get Invisalign Today

Orthodontics is not everyone’s favourite subject, but everyone should have the right to achieve a “perfect smile”. If you are self-conscious about your teeth and are looking into getting braces to fix overcrowding or crookedness, why not consider Invisalign instead of traditional wire braces?

This article will look at 5 amazing benefits of Invisalign, and why getting Invisalign is the modern-day alternative to traditional braces.

What is Invisalign, and how does it work?

Invisalign is the contemporary answer to orthodontics; the upgraded version of “train track” metal braces. They offer a more convenient approach to achieving the “perfect smile”.

The technology behind Invisalign is the same as traditional braces, where metal wires are glued to the teeth for a prolonged period of time: crooked or wonky teeth are slowly realigned and straightened over a period of time. Where the two differ, though, is in their approach – metal wire braces are fixed to the teeth, whereas Invisalign asks the patient to wear clear “invisible” plastic aligners (similar to a retainer), which are removable at all times.

While those who have traditional metal braces fitted must visit their orthodontist every few weeks or months to get their braces tightened, those who have opted for Invisalign will receive a new set of aligners every few weeks to slowly move the teeth. To get the best results, patients must wear their aligners for at least 22 hours a day.

Orthodontics may be cosmetic in many cases – like dental implants or teeth whitening – but the benefits Invisalign can offer have the ability to greatly improve a person’s quality of life. Find out 5 reasons why Invisalign is the modern-day solution of traditional braces.

  1. Invisalign is removable, unlike traditional braces

Traditional metal wire braces are glued to the teeth for a number of months, even years, and this can be incredibly hasslesome for the wearer when it comes to day-to-day activities. With traditional metal braces, eating becomes more difficult and food becomes stuck in the wires. This is not only bad in terms of dental hygiene, but can cause the wearer to become self-conscious about eating around people and constantly worrying that they have food debris stuck in the wires.

Invisalign, on the other hand, is removable: the clear plastic Invisalign aligners can be taken out during dinner times, meaning that food will less likely get stuck in the teeth, and the aligners stay clean throughout the day.

Furthermore, a lot of people find that braces hinder their self-confidence in social situations. This can be detrimental when building both professional and personal relationships. For example, if an adult has traditional braces fitted, they may be insecure when speaking to other professionals at work, interviewing for a job or meeting a date for the first time. If a person can not perform well in high pressure situations like these due to their braces, they will not be able to live a rich life.

This is why Invisalign is so much more convenient for day-to-day living – in both a professional and personal sense – as they only need to be worn for 22 hours a day. So, in these scenarios – e.g. a job interview, a party, a presentation or a date – the wearer can temporarily take out the aligners and still be on-track to achieve optimum results.

  1. Invisalign is more hygienic than traditional braces

One of the biggest reasons why Invisalign is considered better than traditional braces is because they are more hygienic. Traditional metal braces are fixed onto the teeth and therefore restrict the act of brushing and flossing the teeth, and this is detrimental to the overall health of the mouth. This isn’t an issue with Invisalign, as the clear plastic aligners can be easily removed, meaning the teeth can get a deep clean and floss. The aligners can also be cleaned throughout the day and after a night’s sleep to keep the mouth feeling fresh and healthy

  1. Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional braces

Another amazing benefit of Invisalign is that they are significantly more comfortable than traditional “train track” braces. Anyone who has ever had traditional metal braces will say how uncomfortable they are. Not only because the teeth are being moved (this discomfort is a given, even for Invisalign wearers) but because the metal wires often scratch and cut the soft gum tissue inside of the cheek, causing swelling, bleeding and tenderness. This sensation, accompanied with the moving of the teeth, does not make for an overall pleasant experience.

With Invisalign, though, this is not a problem, as there is no metal in sight and no way the soft clear aligners could cause discomfort to the inside of your mouth. They are smooth and comfortable and make the experience a much easier commitment to make.

  1. Invisalign courses are typically shorter

Any orthodontic treatment is case-by-case, and each individual is given their own timeframe in which they can expect to get their desired results. However, people have cited that Invisalign treatments are typically shorter than wire-brace treatments (for some, this is as little as 20 weeks) due to the speed at which patients are given a new set of aligners, and thus the speed at which their teeth move.

  1. Invisalign is “invisible”

Perhaps the most appealing thing about Invisalign is that the aligners are “invisible” – they are not obviously visible to others, and are free of any metal parts that can catch the light. This is perfect for adult wearers, as traditional “train track” braces are so often synonymous with adolescence, and this is what puts people off from getting their teeth straightened at all. Invisalign offers people of all ages to fix their teeth without the commitment of wire braces.


If you want to correct your smile and straighten your crooked or wonky teeth, you should consider Invisalign as a better option than traditional braces. Dr. Paul Chilton Talk to your dental professional today to book a consultation today.