5 Best Businessmen Watches You Should Be Wearing

If you know how important time management is, you need to have a watch and not just a normal watch but a watch that will represent your personality and status in life. There is a lot of watches you can just buy anywhere and that can be an expensive luxury watch, vintage, classic, and even a smartwatch.

But owning a watch is not that simple because watches have their specific story and uses. For example, a smartwatch is for those people who are into technology and busy life since it has features that a smartphone can do but it is more convenient since you will just be wearing it on your wrist.

Luxury and Vintage watches are for those people who just wanted to make a statement on how much they achieve in their life. These watches are very expensive and rare and few people can only buy them. There are also watches perfect for businessmen and here are some of the best choices.

Seiko Coutura

Seiko is one of the largest watch company in Japan and they make a very impressive timepieces with perfect designs and quality. One of there best watch is the Seiko Coutura, it is a very pretty watch that provides great quality, look, and operation. It is also solar powered which makes it a perfect fit for businessmen who does not much vacant time.

Tissot Classic Dream

A member of the Swatch group and one of the most admired brands in the watch industry. Tissot made a lot of entry-level watches with high-quality models in which you cannot expect from other brands considering the price range.

One of their entry-level watches is the Tissot Dream Watch, a very beautiful, simple, and elegant swiss watch. Despite the appearance of this watch, it is very affordable which is kinda bit tricky if you will be looking only at its design.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Chronograph

This specific watch belongs to one of the best Japanese watchmaker brand and the largest watch manufacturer in the country. The Eco-Drive is powered by solar and you can expect that it is very durable and elegant. There are a lot of watches you can choose from the Eco-Drive series and you will never regret wearing one of them.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

This watch is on a little expensive side but it is one of the best watch brands that you can buy out there. The Omega is a luxury Swiss watchmaker brand that has already created a name for themselves in the watchmaking industry. They do everything they can to produce the most high-quality and elegant watches and one of their best series of watches is the Seamaster.

The Aqua Terra is a dual purpose type of watch that you can use on your business meetings and at the same time, to your ocean adventures. Ever since, Seamaster dominated in this field of watches. Other watch series that you can also check from Omega are the Constellation, Speedmaster, and De Ville. You will definitely be enjoying each one of Omega’s watches.

Panerai Luminor

It is a luxury watch made by an Italian watchmaker. A perfect timepiece that most people all over the world desired and admired. You can expect that all of their watches gone through different testing procedures for them to test their limits. There is a left and right-handed versions of the Luminor that you can choose from. Overall, it is a pretty luxury watch.


Being a businessman is not easy, you are experiencing constant pressure and stress especially managing your time for every meeting that you need to attend. Luckily, there are these business watches that you can have as your partner. It will not only just let you know about the exact time but it will also add style and appeal that everyone will notice.