5 Best Aftermarket Mods for Toyota Camrys

The Toyota Camry is a great all around platform with good factory performance right out of the box for a town car but you have to mod it in performance. Here, we know how easy it is to change the behavior of a vehicle and if you want to add some kick we have the Toyota Camry performance parts for you to do so. Whether you want to just add power or if you wish to improve grip levels or even braking you will find the Camry performance parts you need right here. If you want to improve the look and handling we can set you up with a nice brakes pads/ rotors kit and performance exhaust pipes or even a set of supercharger kit. No one said that a town car cant be a blast to drive and we will help you transform your Toyota Camry into what you really want with our performance parts.

Working on your own car is a satisfying experience. Modifying it to better match your needs is even better. Below are some of the best aftermarket mods for Toyota Camrys currently available. The next time you are searching for “car parts near me,” make sure the store you pick carries these top mods.

  1. K&N High Performance Air Intake System

Engines need to breath to make power. K&N makes some excellent air intake products that will help you maximize airflow so your engine can produce as much horsepower as possible. This is a relatively simple modification that can significantly improve performance.

  1. MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Pipe

If breathing in air is important to airflow and power, so is expelling exhaust. MagnaFlow makes some excellent performance exhaust pipes that will help you maximize airflow. This is another fairly early modification. Better yet, it will help you get the amazing exhaust note you are looking for.

  1. Power Stop Performance Brake Pads / Rotors Kit

Performance is as much about control as it is about speed. When you push your car to the limit, you need the right brakes to keep it controlled. Power Stop performance brake pads and rotors will help you do just that.

  1. Edelbrock Power Package Top End Kit

Toyota Camrys are great cars but in their stock form, they aren’t exactly built for performance. A top end kit from Edelbrock will help you safely push more horsepower from your engine. Each kit is rated for different maximum power.

  1. Weiand Pro-Street Supercharger Kit

A high flow air intake is great but forced induction is even better. Adding a Weiand supercharger kit to your car will give you a major power boost. Better yet, many Camrys have plenty of the engine compartment space needed to add a supercharger.

Get Started

Whether you want to find the best performance mods or just a car battery near me, getting the parts to work on your vehicle is a great feeling. There’s nothing quite like cruising around in a car you’ve modified yourself.