4 Ways to Make Your Call Center Happy for the Holidays

Call centers experience a higher call volume during the holidays than at other times of the year. Whether it’s frantic customers with last minute requests or the inbound contact center itself wanting to get everything settled and completed before they close for the holidays, a call center can be a frantic place to work during the holiday season.

Call center burnout is already a common thing, so here are a few of the top things you can do to make your call center happy and stress-free for the holiday season ahead.

Hire a design team

Nothing more drab than a call center with no festive decorations on display. Why not hire a set of led lights Christmas designers to put lights up for you, decorate the tree, and add some cheer to the workspace. If you aren’t into hiring the professionals, try holding a tree-trimming party to let all of your employees decorate themselves instead. It will be fun for everyone involved, and they might even make a new friend in the process.

Have a bake-off

A little competition in the workplace is never bad. Set up a few stations where your employees can put together some simple treats to share with each other throughout the day. You can also have a bake-off where employees bring in their favorite baked treats and then have them judged to see whose is the best. Give a special prize to the winner, but don’t forget to make up grab bags for the rest of the employees as well — it is the Christmas season, after all. This isn’t only great for boosting morale and getting into the holiday spirit, it’s also great as a team-building exercise as well, making it a winner for you, the team, and the holiday season.

Host a secret Santa party

Secret Santas are always a hit in call centers, but you might want to make yours a little different. Instead of expecting agents to buy a gift for someone, pick up some simple, yet sturdy white mugs, and hold a crafty secret Santa party instead.

Pick up some simple crafts and let your employees design a mug for another employee that only they know about. You can do this by assigning numbers, for the surprise effect. After the mugs are done, have them fill them with candy, chocolates, or other treats and present them to their chosen employee at a little party you put together.

Ugly Christmas pajamas day

Of course, you’ve heard of ugly sweater day, how about hosting a ugly Christmas pajamas day. Make sure that you put rules and regulations, such as onesies being worn, or the type of pj’s people can wear, but make sure they are ugly Christmas pajamas, and make sure that you give a prize for the best (or the worst). Do this on the busiest day of the season for your call center, and it will relieve stress and help your employees get into the Christmas spirit, meaning they will be more cheerful with the customers as well.

The holiday season is amazing, but it can be stressful for everyone concerned, from your customers to your employees. These tips will help you make the holiday a little brighter for both, and the joy of the holidays easier to get into for your call center and the dedicated employees that work there everyday of the year.