4 Useful Apps to Help Kids Learn Tracing Alphabet Letters

Letter tracing is a simple, yet an essential skill every kid should possess before they can master freehand writing. It will not just teach them how to recognize and write the letters of the alphabet, but also equip them with the ability to write legible letters in an organized manner. Additionally, developing familiarity with the letters of the alphabet is an essential pre-reading skill necessary to help the kid grow up with strong decoding skills that will help them through their entire learning process. If you desire to see your kids improve their comprehension of the alphabets, here are four good apps that will help them get better:

1. LetterSchool

LetterSchool is one of the top learning letters apps that teach kids how to write letters and numbers in a fun and engaging way. The app is designed to take the kid through the basic steps of writing uppercase and lowercase letters, including numbers 0 – 9. The letter tracing process in the app is animated, with clear start and end points, which makes it very enjoyable for the kids as they drag their way through the animated trails to create the characters they want. After the kid successfully traces the character, the tracing line and the animation will disappear so that the kid can attempt to write the character without further visual assistance. It is a highly engaging animation and sound app that will help kids improve their letter tracing abilities.

2. Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids

Little Writer is a nicely designed writing app that turns the process of letter tracing into lots of fun for the little ones. With the app, children will not just improve their understanding and ability to write the letters of the alphabet, but also will enhance their comprehension of shapes, numbers, and words. The organization of the app features five different sections for the kids to choose from, and this include-: ABC, Shapes, 123, and words. With the choice of each section, the preferred characters for learning will appear on the screen as either a cartoon animal or a vehicle at the starting point. The kid will then trace the character along animated lines until the finish point to complete tracing the letter, number, shape or writing a word.

3. Writing Wizard

The Writing Wizard app is designed to primarily help the little ones learn how to trace letters and numbers correctly. The app features letter naming and phonetic sounds, as well as the writing of both smaller and longer forms of various words. The app also comes with a generous amount of graphics such as fun stickers, faces, stars, along with sound effects to make the learning process fun and engaging to the kids. It is one of the best learning letters apps for kids struggling with dysgraphia, handwriting and fine motor skills.

4. Wet-Dry-Try

The Wet-Dry-Try app is modeled after the popular Handwriting Without Tears program, and it is designed to help children learn and practice how to correctly write lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as numbers through tracing. The app simulates slate chalkboards, but with double lines to enable the kids to have better organization when learning to write the letters. Though it may not be full of animation and funny sounds like most of its peer learning letters apps, it is very effective and efficient in helping kids develop good handwriting skills. For more information, click here.