3 Ways to make your wedding unique

Every bride wants her wedding to be special and unlike any other. With wedding traditions and modern fashions and trends though it can be a challenge to find a unique way for your wedding to stand out and be remembered as something different. It requires a little more ‘out of the box’ thinking and unusual decisions to be made. Here are a few suggestions that should help your wedding to be a unique occasion to remember.

  • A non-traditional wedding meal

The tradition is to have a fancy three to five course meal of a set menu, that is elaborate and has either a meat or vegetarian option with a bottle of wine for each table. Each table is shared by several guests, and everyone must remain seated to enjoy their meal and listen to speeches from the top table where the bridal party is seated. A lot of the time, this type of meal can feel very formal and rigid, which is quite different from the loving feeling a wedding should have.

As something different, you could change the type of food served, the way it is served, or both. Having a barbeque, or a food truck so that your guests can help themselves to some comfort food that will fill them up and be tasty is a good option. It also creates a relaxed feel which is very sociable compared to being forced into a table with strangers.

  • A unique bridal look

Changing your bridal look is also a popular choice, instead of a white dress and gold rings, you could go back to the original bridal color of red! If you are feeling bold! Alternatively add other colors to your white, or floral or blingy embellishments. Adding bespoke jewelry to your look, such as a unique necklace, tiara or even your wedding rings themselves can also add something interesting to talk about at the wedding. This can easily be done by places like jewellers Hertford, Chapter 79. Don’t be afraid to change your look throughout the day either, it is not unheard of to have more than one bridal outfit for the day, so if you cannot decide between a few looks, why not do both?

  • A themed wedding

Normally, weddings are all white, elegant, and full of strict traditions, but if you are feeling brave then you can change things up and create a theme! Many people will only stretch to a color theme, but you could take it one step further by creating themes from your favorite movies, or destinations or become even more adventurous. Not only could you ask guests to dress in certain ways, but you could decorate your venue with props, and entertainment. For example, a James Bond Casino Royale theme would allow everyone to wear their best ball gowns and tuxedo and enjoy some gambling throughout the day!

Whatever form it takes, there are plenty of ways to make your big day stand out, but no matter how much all the guests remember it, you will surely remember it as a unique day in your life either way.