3 Effective Ways Of Removing Fake Tan With The Turkish Bath Exfoliation Mitt

With fake tanning becoming very popular, more and more people are looking for an effective way to remove their fake tan. Without properly removing fake tan, you can be left with orange patches all over your skin and fingers that can hang around for a long unwanted time. To avoid this hassle, here are 3 effective ways on how to remove fake tan with an exfoliation mitt from Mitten Body.

how to remove fake tan

  • Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of fake tan and the Turkish Bath Exfoliation Mitt from Mitten Body is the perfect product to ensure this. Their mitts are made from 100% natural tree cellulose threads and are designed for dry, oily, normal and sensitive types of skin. Their exfoliation mitts open the pores and exfoliate the body without harming or irritating the skin.
  • The Turkish Bath Exfoliation Mitts come in three different variants for a different level of exfoliation; mild, medium and thick. These mitts are great for removing fake tan, just rub the mitt in circular motions after heating the skin for a few minutes to instantly see results. The mitt works by removing layers of dead skin cells from the skin in under 3 minutes. Bringing the experience of a traditional Turkish bathhouse to the comfort of your own home, simply soften the skin with warm or hot water for around three minutes. Afterwards, applying moderate pressure, use the exfoliation mitt in a circular motion around the body and your fake tan will be gone sooner than you think.
  • Waxing is effective for removing fake tan as it removes the top layer of skin, causing the fake tan to fade away faster. Before waxing though, it is best that you use the Turkish Bath Exfoliation Mitt first. Apart from being an effective way of getting rid of ingrown hair, the mitt also prepares the skin before waxing, which opens the pores and ensures more effective results when waxing.
  • There are many de-tanning products on the market that can be effective, depending on the product and the skin type you have. Again, you have to make sure that your skin is prepared first. A Turkish Bath Exfoliation Mitt from Mitten Body will ensure that the pores will be fully opened up. This will ensure that your skin will fully absorb any de-tanning products you use to fully maximise the results.

Mitten Body has a range of high-quality Turkish Bath Exfoliation Mitts that are all made from 100% natural tree cellulose threads. Whether you are looking for a way on how to remove fake tan or just looking for softer and improved skin, Mitten Body has a range of deep exfoliation mitts that will provide a solution for you. Visit the Mitten Body website for more information on their range of mitts and also for product descriptions and step by step instructions to ensure maximum results. When it comes to your skin, you need the very best to ensure the results you are looking for. You need Mitten Body.