3 Best Seat Covers for GMC Sierra

Manufactured by GMC, the GMC Sierra shares numerous features with the famous Chevrolet Silverado. The GMC Sierra comes as a luxurious and fancy truck, albeit powerful. The interior upholstery, however, is our main focus today. Being an off-road truck, chances are, as it’s in use, it gets dirty and unsightly. Luckily, GMC Sierra seat covers come in a variety of designs. Given that personal preference is a major consideration, pricing and quality of the fabric are critical too. Moreover, if you elect to purchase universal seat covers, ensure it’s compatible with your model. Let us take a look at the top three GMC Sierra seat covers.

#1.Leather Seat Covers

Leather GMC Sierra seat covers are waterproof and durable too. Its waterproof feature comes in handy when cleaning as no stain will be tough for you. Just wet a cloth with little soap and proceed to wipe it away. Its durability makes it ideal for the urban active lifestyle countering the wear due to friction.

#2.Neoprene Seat Covers

Seat covers are made from Neoprene – the same material used in scuba suits are quite popular. Neoprene fabric is water-resistant, breathable, soft to the touch, and finally durable. Made up of four different layers that include foam padding for comfort and polyester for additional protection.

#3.MegaTek HD3 Seat Covers

Protect your GMC Sierra seats with the toughest MegaTek HD3 Seat Covers. Complete with anti-tear technology, these seat covers are virtually indestructible. Perfectly suited for off-road and tough vehicles like the GMC Sierra, it confers both comfort and durability. It is also waterproof, protecting against coffee spills, pet girt and mud trails as well as wear from frequent use. It is also easier to clean and vacuum. MegaTek HD3 fabric is ideal for contractors and construction workers as well as pet owners.

Custom Make or Universal Seat Covers?

Indeed, an excellent question, whose answer depends on your preference and well, pocket. Custom car seat covers are tailored for the perfect fit and consider your vehicle make and model. Despite being the perfect solution, it is, however, quite pricey. On the other hand, universal car seat covers are a “one size fits all” accessory and are relatively cheaper. Whatever you decide, you must consider whether it is better to have perfection or convenience.

Aside from the fit, the quality of the fabric is also something to consider. High-quality seat covers looks, and feel premium and tend to last longer. With customization, you have more options compared to universal seat covers.


Old, cracked or torn car seats can not only ruin your driving experience but are also ugly, visually unappealing. Make your GMC Sierra truck a much more pleasant place to spend every waking moment in. Moreover, installing seat covers maintain your seats in their original state, boosting your truck’s resale value. Hence, seat covers are, in essence, an investment and should be considered carefully. Since the interior of vehicles is often overlooked, it would be wise to give it more consideration during maintenance.

On the other hand, many new trucks come with expensive leather seats that can look worn out if you’re using your truck for work. Bucket seat covers for these trucks can help protect your investment.