10 Ways To Break The Rules (And Have The Coolest Wedding Ever)

Indian weddings are a grand affair filled with glitz, glamour and bling. People spend a fortune to make this day memorable. However, people are increasingly breaking this norm. They are moving away from extravagant weddings to have a more social, economic celebration. If you too fall in the latter category, here are 10 cool ways, to celebrate your D-day.

  • Indian weddings result in heaps of disposable cutlery which is not disposed-off in a proper manner and harms the environment. To avoid this, you can opt to have edible cutlery which will not only save you the trouble of disposing of the garbage but will also be a unique concept.
  • These big fat weddings also have a lot of food wastage. To avoid this, you can tie-up with Robin Hood Army or any other group who collects surplus food and feed the less fortunate.FNP Gardens – wedding brand in Delhi NCR doing the same & preventing the food wastage. 
  • Another way to go environment-friendly is to gift every guest a sapling to plant. Gifting is a norm and tradition in Indian weddings. Many-a-times it is also seen as offering respect to the guests. Well, if that’s the case what better than a sapling! After all, it will only make our planet greener 😊
  • Well if gifting guests is a norm, so is gifting to the bride and groom. And since it’s your day, you can ask the guest to donate to an NGO or a cause you support. This will bring a smile to your face and satisfaction of donation to the guests.
  • Do you know what else would make our planet green? Not bursting crackers and playing loud music. Instead, opt for a silent baarat by giving wireless headphones to every baarati. It is also a new trend!
  • Everyone is aware of the kind of money that is spent to make Indian weddings a lavish affair. But here is one way to put that money to better use. How about organising weddings of the economically challenged group alongside your own? This way you would have not only perhaps given these people their dream wedding, but also have received enormous blessings!
  • Another way to put that money to good use is to get wedded in a court or temple and organise a feast in some NGO you support. In the end, you will have a heart filled with joy.
  • Having a bite-sized menu. In the wedding, there is a lot of food wastage, to avoid that one should design a bite-sized menu so that there is less wastage of food.
  • Printing invites on plantable paper. One can get their invites on plantable paper, so later the same invites can be recycled and used for other purposes.

Weddings are meant to spread joy and happiness for which one doesn’t need to spend moolah. All you need is to have an open heart and mind.