10 Must Have Mens Shoes Brands

Shoes are the most important part of mens overall look. They play a very important role in every outfit. In fact, the right outfit can make your look or ruin your look. Therefore, if you want to look stylish, trendy and updated with the fashion it’s important to have the right shoes on your feet. If you are looking out for a right pair of shoes for yourself then luckily then you are at right place because in this article you will read about ten different styles mens shoes that every man should have in his wardrobe.

  1. The brogue: Today, brogue has gained much more popularity and respect unlike when it was invented. You should buy a pair of half brogues the one with the perforated toe cap but without wings. For color look at dark brown if you want formal shoes. Buy lighter brogues for casual days and informal look. Black brogues will go best with formal black, brown or blue suit. You can choose brogue shoes for a formal meeting and even if you are attending a wedding party, it suits every type of occasion.
  2. The suede chukka: They have gained popularity over recent years. They have a minimal, round-toe, ankle-high boot with just two or three lacing eyelets which makes them look elegant. It is better to buy a pair of tan or cream Chukkas for your wardrobes and you can also wear them for a pool party and also are a great and elegant alternative to sneakers. Wear these shoes with a pair of jeans and a white polo shirt for the best style. By combining them with a sports jacket, you can make yourself much more stylish.
  3. The leather boot:  This is a classic choice and must have a mens shoe in every wardrobe. The best thing about these shoes is that you will get the maximum variety of color, shades, texture, and style in the leather boot. No other shoes can convey as much personality as the leather boot can.  The leather lace up boots is the best piece. Once you wear these boots every one passing by you will at least once give your boot a look. Buy yourself an ankle-high, black or dark brown boot and wear them with jeans.
  4. Trainers: If you are looking for casual looking mens shoes, the white low top trainers are the perfect choice for your wardrobe. They go best with black and blue jeans and any solid color T-shirt.
  5. The loafer:  Low and lace-free, loafers are the best pair of casual mens shoes for smart dress up and they have recently gained popularity across the globe. They are available in many colors, shades, textures, and designs. A pair of brown loafers will work for both casual and formal looks and it will go with different colors.
  6. The oxford: They are the trendiest shoes nowadays and you can see these shoes in every part of the part. They give a formal and semi-formal look. These shoes have closed lacing, unlike the open lacing system. They were earlier very simple in design but with the technology and changing fashion these shoes have evolved and now they are found in a broad range of fabrics and detailing. This is really a hoe of a businessman. If you are going for any formal meeting you can pick it up quickly and pair it with a classic suit.
  7. The sneaker: If you are going for a run, a morning walk or any other outdoor activity then they are the perfect pair of mens shoes to have. These shoes are perfect for athletes and sports personalities.
  8. Moccasins: They are very much like loafers but are not loafers. They are usually made only of leather paired with a soft sole for complete comfort.
  9. Boat shoes:  They are also slip-on but are very cool in look. They go perfectly with casual wear.
  10. The chelsea: They are extremely popular in Britain. Their specialty s fie leather finish.